Residual Transmissions (The Evangelist)

by The Message

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Residual Transmissions - The Evangelist - A Sorcerer's Devotion

“I learned to look straight at them. Say I am reaching to an audience of three or four thousand. I can look straight at them and I can tell when a man way in the back blinks his eyes. When he does that, I know it is time for a change of pace or I’ll lose some of the people. That’s what I’ve trained my voice for. It’s a change of pace that’s the secret.”
- from I Learned to Look Straight at Them - The Apprenticeship of Billy Graham, 1937-1949 (Expanded version of the Treasures of Wheaton Presentation by Bob Shuster of the Billy Graham Center Archives, May 9, 2009)

"…unwitting allies of the horseman who deceives - rather than standing against the symbol of the white horse whose hoofbeats we can hear, unknowingly we can assist him.”
- Billy Graham, Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Grason, 1983)

Residual Transmissions presents The Evangelist (A sorcerer’s devotion) - 23 minutes of astonishing stereo sound set in the hollow heart of the American dream. A drama unfolding in wordless wonder - a radio play for the tremulous theater of the mind. Nuclear war, economic chaos, dwindling resources, runaway crime, violence in the streets, killer viruses, floods, famine, destruction and death. The Evangelist (a sorcerer’s devotion) - is this vision inspired? Is it authoritative? Is it trustworthy? Listen to the message - tomorrow is just a memory try it today.

Sounds assembled 2010-2013, Processed & Fixed during the last days of 2013.


released December 31, 2013

Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative




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